Property transactions can be delayed, or sometimes can collapse, because of title-related problems.

DUAL Asset Underwriting, part of the DUAL Group (the world’s largest underwriting agency) provides a range of specialist services to help overcome these problems.  These allow your transactions to close quicker, more efficiently, more cost-effectively and with greater protection for all parties.

Types of problems that DUAL cover are :-

  • Missing or lost Deeds
  • Specific/Unknown Covenants
  • Sporting Rights
  • Unkown risks – fraud, boundary issues
  • Lack of seller warranties
  • Lack of Title Guarantee

DUAL offer cover on :-

  • Residential transactions
  • Commercial property transactions
  • Developments – residential or commercial
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Property portfolios
  • Mortgage loan portfolios

Please note that Rochford Brady are not part of the DUAL Group but we can provide you with contact details for a DUAL representative should you wish to enquire further about the insurance cover DUAL offers.